Warm Earth Events & Function Venue

Garden Tours & Lunches

No greater pleasure than walking through the parklike grounds of Warm Earth Cottage and enjoy a delightful lunch in the cozy dining room or, if the weather is fine, on the terrace under an umbrella or by the mountain stream.

Garden Tours are ideal occasions for people residing in Rest Homes, for members of Service Clubs or simply for friends who want to enjoy a unique outing.

Lunches vary from a modest simple meal prepared by the owner to a gourmet-style occasion provided by our two high scoring Master Chef sisters Shelley and Trudie.  If you wish to enjoy a wine as well this can be provided as an extra per person.

Tours at the lowest possible cost can be arranged during mid morning or mid afternoon when lunch is replaced by a cup of tea or coffee, a muffin and a biscuit or two.

Part of Warm Earth Cottage is on sloping ground which may require some assistance for wheelchair-bound people who wish to see the entire property.   However, access to the lounge cabin and dining room is in compliance with legislation, i.e. a level disembarking and embarking area and a slightly sloping ramp.

Unless special arrangements have been made, the number of persons for a Garden Tour and lunch must be not less than 12.

Feedback from people who have visited Warm Earth Cottage has been highly satisfying and we are confident that once you have completed a Garden Tour you will return home with satisfaction and pleasant memories.

Private Dining

For that special occasion, - here is the opportunity for groups of up to 30 persons to dine in a beautifully designed lounge and dining room reserved just for you so that privacy is guaranteed. 

Private Dining is ideal for corporate events, birthday celebrations or any occasion where intimacy and quality are prerequisites.

Dinners are prepared and served by Master Chef sisters Shelly and Trudie.  The type of dinner varies from a delicious 3-course meal to exquisite multi-course gourmet dinners with wines to match.

As an alternative, gourmet grills and picnics can be arranged on days when the guest cabins are not in use, commonly during weekdays. Considering the large variety in the types of dinner that can be provided, menu and costs are discussed and agreed upon during pre-discussions between guests and the Master Chef sisters.

If driving home after dinner is not an option the two Warm Earth Cottage cabins can be booked for 2 couples and we can assist in arranging transport plus accommodation in a local motel for remaining guests.

Coffee, Cake & Classical

This occasion is designed for music lovers who would like to relax for a few hours in the Warm Earth Cottage lounge cabin, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea and cakes while listening and/or watching classical music.

A mixture of classical CDs and DVDs provide for total relaxation and enjoyment with occasional breaks for a chat and perhaps a walk through the parklike grounds.

To ensure intimacy and harmony, coffee – cake and classical events cater for a maximum of 10 persons during weekdays when the two guest cabins are not occupied.

The concept is not limited to classical music.  Arrangements can be made for small groups of people who would like to listen to Dixieland, Big Band, Western music etc. and even dress for the occasion if they wish.

Meeting & Function Venue

When the venue for a meeting requires that “something extra”, privacy and pleasing surroundings, Warm Earth Cottage is the place to go.

There are numerous options available for meetings comprising 30 persons or less:

  • Simple meeting venue without any further services.
  • Meetings combined with morning or afternoon tea or lunch.
  • Afternoon or day-long meetings with evening dinner to follow.
  • Morning meetings with lunch to follow.
  • Lunch with afternoon meeting to follow.

Tables and chairs can be arranged to suit individual requirements whilst equipment such as whiteboard or screen can be hired.

The cabin used for functions consists of a lounge and dining/meeting room. Thus a meeting in the dining room can be adjourned for a cup of tea or coffee in the lounge whilst documents and equipment can be left safely in the adjacent meeting room.  To further enhance a break in discussions there is the opportunity for a quiet walk through the parklike grounds or relax for a few minutes near the mountain stream.

Warm Earth Cottage is the ideal venue for periodic meetings of Clubs, Boards and associations.


Arrangements & Charges

Because the requirements for each group are likely to vary, charges are by arrangement.

NOTE: Dinner and lunch inquiries will be passed to the Master Chef sisters who will discuss requirements and prices with the group organiser.


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