Couples Well-Being Retreat


NOTE: Due to Covid, we will be updating our Retreats page in the near future. Meantime, please refer to the Pamper page so we can work with you to make up your own personalized Retreat style package.

This retreat will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Stop and rejuvenate in a beautiful and magical valley setting at Warm Earth Cottage cabin accommodation 
  • Let go of the rush and the 'to do' list and reconnect to you and your partner 
  • Nurture your body and being with Body Awareness and Complementary Therapy sessions and experience being in your body versus living in your mind
  • Feel how the gentle breath meditation can support you to reconnect and release stress and tension
  • Enjoy a technology free weekend and notice the difference 
  • Nourish your body with lovingly prepared gluten and dairy free meals 
  • Return to your natural harmonious state of being and cherish a self--. nurturing weekend of cabin candlelight and private fire-lit outside bath experience 

We offer you a unique healing experience. A time to stop, connect and reflect on how you have been living in your day to day. To communicate openly with your partner, re-ignite the fire and chill out in the privacy of your own secluded slice of heaven. 

In a world that is geared to keep us in motion and busy in the go-go-go lifestyle, how often do we stop and ask ourselves how am I truly feeling? Are we prone to just 'soldier on', live in the mind and ignore what the body is telling us? In this natural place of beauty you can explore another way to be. 

True Living wellbeing retreats are about re-connecting to your natural way of being. By stopping and taking some time out, you can feel what it truly means to live connected to your body and feel amazing doing so. True Living Retreats are free from alcohol and foods that hinder our natural ability to heal, connect to your true nature and nourish your body and being.

True living Retreats are also free from all technology and mobile, iPad and tablet devices. If you leave your phones with us for a complete technology detox they will be returned to you when you leave (You may not want them back!) You are welcome to give your family the number at Warm Earth Cottage in case of emergency. 

Warm Earth Cottage is powered by love not electricity, so you will enjoy a unique and heart warming candlelight experience in a stunning, privately appointed cabin. There are 2 cabins on the property so you will be only one of two couples attending the retreat ensuring a very personal and heartfelt experience. You are welcome to arrive anytime after 3pm on the Friday and departure is after lunch on the Sunday. 

Investment based on 2 people: $995   
Full payment required at time of booking 
(Please note that the retreat can only go ahead with both cabins booked) 

The cost of the retreat is based on:  

  • 2 nights accommodation 
  • 1 group Body Awareness session 
  • 2 complementary therapy sessions each (see details below)
  • 2 gentle breath meditations 
  • 2 dinners, breakfasts, lunches (please advise of any allergies) 

Please contact Vanessa McComb or Jan Wagtendonk if you have any queries.  / 021 881 027  / 07 549 0962 

An unexpected chain of events led Jan to buy Warm Earth Cottage 4 years ago, and the years that followed left her in no doubt that this is exactly where she was meant to be and that there was a very special purpose intended for this enchanting property. 

Together with her widowed father Walter who lives with her, they transformed the rough property into the much sought after, and much cherished, magical place it is today. A place of healing where the stresses of busy, modern day lives simply melt away. 

Jan gets immense joy from seeing her guests feel the same magic at Warm Earth as she does and it is reflected in the unique experience she creates for those who come to stay.

About True Living NZ

Vanessa is founder of True Living NZ and is a qualified and accredited complementary health practitioner in Universal Medicine Therapies. Vanessa presents wellbeing talks, is a writer for Women in Livingness magazine and contributes to global health and wellbeing website Unimedliving. 

Through the practical and philosophical teachings of Universal Medicine, she has been deeply inspired to make simple yet life changing, self--]loving choices that has changed enormously the way she lives and feels. As a result Vanessa now lives in a way that is deeply honouring, with true vitality and harmony. 

Vanessa's love of people initiated True Living retreats to present the opportunity to reconnect to our natural way of being, without all the stresses and tensions of daily life.

Esoteric Massage
A gentle massage technique to assist in restoring the body's true movement. This therapy helps to release the ill energy, tensions and imbalances that cause the body to move or function in an unnatural and disharmonious way. Offering you the opportunity to re-connect to your body's natural rhythm, this massage is deeply healing and rejuvenating. Esoteric Massage is a beautiful support for the body during times of low vitality, anxiousness, sleeplessness and physical disharmony. Depending on your body's requirement, the massage will be tailored to your specific need. Some combinations may include: Back & Shoulder/Calves & Kidney/Hands, Arm & Shoulder/Stomach & Face 

Sacred Esoteric  
Healing Based on the esoteric principle that our innermost is first and foremost love, Esoteric Healing is a very gentle hands-on technique to support your body in the release of emotions and reactions that hinder our natural ability to heal and remain connected to our true essence. It provides an opportunity for your body to re-connect and let go of any energetic blockages and disharmony. 

Energetic Facial Release 
Deeply nurturing, this gentle facial massage supports the release of stuck emotions that we hold in our face. Peeling back the 'unreal mask' is one of the many divine techniques used to assist in the removal of held tensions, frustration, sadness and negative thoughts. A soul-full experience which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and more of you.


What if there is another
way to live your day?

Main cabin for meditation and dining



Jan Wagtendonk

Vanessa McComb