Pamper Weekend

Treat the one you love to a most unique experience.

Imagine this...

Escape the rat race and arrive at Warm Earth Cottage on a Friday afternoon, barbecue your own food at your cabin or have a pleasant dinner in one of Katikati's restaurants, return to Warm Earth Cottage, relax in the outdoor wood-fired bath, and indulge in a sleep-in on the Saturday morning.

Awake to nature's music of the bird song and the river. On your cabin veranda you will find a flower-filled brunch hamper which you barbeque and enjoy at your leisure.

The afternoon commences with an all-natural-products soul-nourishing facial followed by a home baked afternoon tea basket and then a deeply relaxing massage. Why not really indulge and include a manicure or pedicure. Or both! You can have these services either in your cabin, or reserve the beautiful rustic lounge cabin or select a tranquil private spot in the stunning riverside gardens for a complete nature absorbing experience.

Pampering at its very best and a memorable treat that will always be remembered.

In the late afternoon your private outdoor bath fire is lit once again for a good soak under the stars with a glass of wine in hand. Combined with the earlier massage this makes for a truly unique and deeply relaxing night's sleep.

Head back to civilisation on Sunday totally rejuvenated.

Why not share the weekend with friends who can have the other cabin, the girls can enjoy their pampering while the men play a round of golf and a drink at the Fairview golf course 3 km away. Or ladies, have a girls-only weekend and just bring your best friend to share in the pampering, have a cabin each and absorb quality time just for you.

This pamper weekend is also the perfect gift for someone's special occasion, birthdays, anniversaries or wedding presents.

Enquire about our vouchers but try the experience first yourself!

Options and Prices (GST inc)

The prices explained below are for the Pamper Services, they are in addition to the normal tariffs for accommodation as shown on the Romantic Cabins page.

MASSAGE ONLY - By HELENE (Booking arranged by Jan)
Helene is a practicing Massage Therapist with 10 years experience in mobile massage. She offers guests a relaxing therapeutic massage in the beautiful surroundings of Jan's Warm Earth Cottage. Helene has an academic background in Natural Therapies and Chinese Body Medicine and ongoing studies in sports/remedial soft tissue massage and Muscular Structural Connections.

Are you:
- Having trouble turning your neck freely?
- Unable to release the day-to-day tension in your shoulders?
- Having sharp tinges of pain down your back?
- Unable to bend or twist your hips as easily as before?

Allow Helene to release your tired, stressed muscles and connecting tissues from pain and tension.

1 Hour Neck, shoulders, back and legs $  90
1½ Hour     Full body release $140
½ Hour  Gentle Sit Down massage of Neck, head and face     $  60

Or request a specialised massage of your choice. Price on application

Helene's massage will help with any stress, tiredness or pain youmay have. Treat yourself to a bit of "Me Time."

SERVICE OPTIONS by "teasebotanix"
teasebotanix offer you beauty & massage services using their very own natural botanical teasebotanix skincare products, including personalised hand-blended face masks & botanically enriched massage oils. Be completely pampered by the experienced therapists of teasebotanix Hair & Beauty Rooms.

  • Guests discuss and arrange bookings at least 7 days prior by dialling 0800 832 736
  • teasebotanix will describe what each service entails.
Base Services:     
Signature Facial 1 Hour $145 pp ($270 for 2 persons)
Aromatic Massage      1 Hour $125 pp ($230 for 2 persons)
Combo of both  2 Hours     $250 pp ($450 for 2 persons)
Anti-bacterial Facial 1 Hour $175 pp
Treatment facial 75mins $205 pp
Add-On Services to Base Services:  
Back, Shoulder, Neck  ½ Hour $50
Express Facial ½ Hour $65
Express Manicure   ½ Hour $45
Express Pedicure ½ Hour $55
Signature Manicure 1 Hour $75
Signature Pedicure  1 Hour $85
Eye Combo  ½ Hour $50


teasebotanix require a minimum booking of one of their Base Services for an Add-on Service to be applicable. For example: Signature Facial (Base service) $145 + Express Manicure (Add-on service) $45 = $190

Service Providers summary:

  • If you require a massage only, service provided by Helene
  • If you require a massage + Add-ons, or Signature Facial with or without Add-ons,
    service provided by teasebotanix.