Warm Earth Tastes
with Shelley & Trudie
Masterchef Top 5 - 2014

Natural food is what we are all about and have been from an early age. Growing up on a farm we were surrounded with our own produce, a vegetable garden, an orchard,our own livestock and our own milk supply which was literally the cream of the crop.

Surrounded by nature we were able to experiment, create and master tasty nutritious dishes from an early age. In addition to this we learnt to bottle, make jam and preserves, chutneys and become innovative and original bakers.

As sisters, creating natural food was in our blood. Our family was visionary in adopting eating trends that were to come.

Being passionate foodies all our life, Masterchef NZ offered us an opportunity to follow our dreams. Reaching Top 5 inspired us to take it to the next level.

The next level is our opportunity at Warm Earth. We are grateful to Walter and Jan (Warm Earth owners), as it is the perfect environment to inspire us to create. Creating for us means incorporating the local organic produce and supporting our local wineries.

Our enthusiasm and passion for culinary savior faire will guarantee the clients of Warm a quality taste, experience, fulfilment in an outstanding environment.

Warm Earth Tastes on offer are:

  • Private dinners (for up to 24 people)
  • Corporate experiences
  • Gourmet grills and picnics
  • Cooking classes and
  • Out catering
  • BBQ dinner hampers for cabin guests, click here for menu

Everything at Warm Earth Tastes is personalised to suit our clients.

To enquire about our services or to make a dinner hamper booking, please click here and use the Booking Enquiry form.